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  Frequently Asked Questions about the Paradise Press
What is the Paradise Press ?
The Paradise Press is the publication of the Long Island Aquarium Society. It is a publication FOR and BY Long Island Aquarium Society members.

Why is it called "Paradise Press" ?
It is named after the Paradise Fish,  the major element in the LIAS logo.

How often is the Paradise Press published ?
The Paradise Press is published 10 times a year, one issue for each LIAS meeting. It is distributed to the membership at each meeting - it is not mailed.

Who writes the articles for the Paradise Press ?
LIAS members do! All members are encouraged to contribute - continue reading for details and suggestions.

Why should I write for the Paradise Press ?
The LIAS is a voluntary organization and depends on contributions of it's members to function. Writing for the Paradise Press also you to share your aquarist knowledge and experiences with your fellow LIAS members. Isn't this one of the reasons you joined the LIAS in the first place? Contributing also makes you part of the WRITE STUFF AUTHORS AWARD PROGRAM, as defined in the LIAS Handbook.

I'd like to contribute, but I don't think of anything worthy of an article.
Firstly, thanks for wanting to contribute. Since you are an LIAS member, you probably  take your aquarist hobby very seriously and over the years have developed tricks and techniques about keeping aquatic life.  Funny, thats just the kind of topics that interest the readers of the Paradise Press! Here are some random thoughts to help give you ideas:
  • You overhear LIAS members discussing an aquarium problem and think "I use to have that problem until....".
  • You solved some problems setting up a new tank, filter, etc and think "If only I had known this before..."
  • You have found that a particular technique works for you (Playing country music seems to make my fish breed more, but the fry like to line dance).
  • You recently visited an interesting fish store, museum or aquarium.
English was not my best subject in High School. Can I still submit an article?
Absolutely! We are not looking for Pulitzer prize winning articles (although we will gladly accept these ). Don't worry about grammar or format (fonts, spacing, etc) - our editor will reformat your text and pictures as required for publication. The content is what is important here.

How do I submit an article to the Paradise Press ?
That's easy. Just type up your article - any format will do (Text, Notepad, MS Word, etc). Don't forget to include pictures (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc). Submit your article to our Paradise Press Editor - either at a meeting or e-mail it to